Peanut Butter Cookbook, picture by Mr Jason Grant

Peanut Butter Cookbook

Meet our new Peanut Butter Cookbook. Peanut Butter: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner Midnight.

Everyone loves Peanut Butter. Whether on toast, in sandwiches, coated in chocolate or just straight out of the jar – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But peanut butter truly belongs in every meal, whether that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or an all-important midnight snack.

We have pulled together all their favourite recipes, each containing a key ingredient... any guesses what it might be?

With more than 60 surprising and scrumptious recipes, Peanut Butter: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Midnight has a peanut butter match for any hour of the day. Learn how to make (or buy) the best peanut butter before launching into creative toast toppings or a PB&J breakfast parfait. Take it to the next level with smoky barbecue tacos and espresso martinis. And finish things off with guilt-free peanut butter treats: yoghurt pops for the kids, salted caramel cheesecake for the big kids, and even dog biscuits for the most important member of the family.

Whether you like your peanut butter smooth or crunchy, sweet or savoury, or straight from the jar, this book is the essential companion for all you peanut butter nutters.

Available here on our website or at your local book shop.

pic by Mr. Jason Grant